How Does It Work?

  1. Click on the "start your fitness journey here" link below, you will be taken to the SugarWOD website.

  2. Create a free SugarWOD account.

  3. You will be directed to CLB Nation's page.

  4. Follow the instructions to subscribe to CLB Nation.

  5. Download the SugarWOD app and start training!


Workout Plans Delivered 6 Days Per Week:

Pre-hab and Workout Specific Warm Ups: To  avoid common injuries associated with overuse and breakdown and fix mechanical issues, and get your primed for the days movements

Targeted Skill Work and Special Exercises: Get the skills, positions, and patterns you don’t have or need to improve. Specific drill work for weight lifting, gymnastics, running and rowing etc. provide focused work to improve. 

Proven Strength Training Formulas: Each week has 2 maximal effort lifting days, 2 technical speed work days, and multiple variations of lifts to avoid plateaus and drive results. Strength tests occurs regularly to track progress.

Metabolic Conditioning Workouts: These workouts are meant to tax and develop all the energy systems of the body to prepare you for any challenge. You will work in all time domains and test all skills

Aerobic Capacity Training: Focused Interval work on the ability to process oxygen 

Accessory Work: High rep muscle building exercises to fortify the body

Regular Benchmarks and Testing: To track and optimize your progress

Regenerative Workouts: If you are feeling tired, run down, or need a rest day regenerative workouts are written each week as an option to help tissue and hormones recover, by flushing you out with some light therapeutic work.

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• Daily workout notifications 

• Workout prep area with past performances, percentages charts, videos and more! 

• View, prepare and log your workouts on a dedicated mobile app (iOS / Android)

• All barbell and benchmark history and PRs calculated automatically 

• Community of CLB Nation athletes, share, fistbump, and comment 

• Individual privacy controls 

• Get fist bumps from Camille and Dave!

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  • Scaling options and personal guidance for each workout

  • Video library of all movements and coaching 

  • Videos from Camille 

  • Mobility and stretching videos included 

  • Training sessions last no longer than 90 minutes 

  • Suitable for all fitness levels