Camille Leblanc-Bazinet was the 2014 CrossFit Games individual Champion winning the title: “Fittest Woman on Earth”. She is a professional CrossFit athlete and has one of the most prestigious careers in the sport, qualifying 8 times in a row for the Crossfit Games Championship.  Among the hundreds of thousands of athletes, Camille has been one of the leading international competitors in the sport of fitness.

Along with her CrossFit accomplishments, Camille is a fierce international weightlifting competitor. She is a highly sought after fitness expert, traveling around the world as speaker, educator, and media contributor. She operates multiple related businesses and services in the industry.  Camille is a dedicated wife and student, recently graduating from Sherbrooke University with a degree in chemical engineering.

Camille’s passion beyond athletics is sharing her message of fitness and empowerment.  She loves educating and coaching athletes of all walks on exercise, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and self-image. At 29 years old she is known as one of the most popular athletes in fitness and a figure of strength and beauty.

With over 2 Million followers on social media, Camille uses her platforms to educate, motivate, and stand for her core values of working hard and being proud. Growing up with insecurities like most people, Camille raises her voice to embrace differences and change the way people view themselves. She has proven to be an inspiration to many and is redefining the image of health and beauty.